Six Elements for Car DVD Navigation Purchase

In view of the current status of the navigation market, it is recommended that the majority of owners must take care in the purchase, compare a number of car dvd supplier and make rational judgment. With years of experience in car dvd industry, we hope to provide some references for you as follows:

1. In terms of price, remember not to get the cheap, most cheap car DVD navigation products are no-name unknown or cottage navigation, whose quality cannot be guaranteed, not to mention the warranty services. Of course, the high price is not necessarily the best. Now there is a kind of psychology on the market, expensive stuff is good, or why it is expensive? In fact, not at all. Many manufacturers or distributors take into account this, so they raise the value, in fact, the price and value is seriously not equivalent.

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2. Choose the common formal brand navigation on the market, because some navigation may be easy to use, but do not forget that navigation is not static, count by the transport development status, they will upgrade within a few months, some service vendors do not have perfect service network, it is not difficult to buy navigation but upgrade aftermarket piece cannot keep up.

3. The navigation aftermarket is critical. Many domestic brand nissan navigation dvd cannot keep up in service. There are many car DVD navigation manufacturers only have service outlets in the first-tier cities, when customers encounter navigation aftermarket, they have to come all the way to the second-tier cities, the of waste of time cost and fuel costs are enough to buy another navigation.

4. Map: Car DVD map now available in the market: Inter-City Link, Kay Rucker, these maps are easy to use, update fast, 3D screen is visually striking. Do not buy those pirated map.

5. Navigation technology: the domestic car DVD navigation manufacturers begin to produce and operate car DVD navigation in the past few years, the technical level lag behind foreign brands, such as Alpine is quite outstanding. However, foreign brand car DVD navigation is much more expensive.

6. The appearance will also be a factor. The atmosphere, the natural, beautiful one is ok. Outer beauty is important than inner beauty. is mainly engaged in car multimedia entertainment, car GPS navigation and car PC etc, with car products development, manufacturing and marketing. We have built up a long-term strategic partnership with many well-known international brands via new product and technology development.

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